This Woman’s Tweet About Her Electric Car Should Concern Everyone – Democrats Don’t Want You To Know This!

Blue State Conservative


They call it red-pilling. That’s when someone who used to hold ignorant, stupid beliefs that were spoon-fed and force-fed down their throats suddenly wake up and realize everything they’ve been told was a lie.

The insane, unethical, illogical, and illegal Covid public health measures led to a lot of red-pilling. However, nothing holds a torch on the effect disastrous and deadly climate change measures can do to wake up people.

One woman found this out the hard way after she went to “refuel” her Tesla. Remember when Pete Buttigieg told everyone to buy an expensive electric vehicle so as to avoid higher gas prices? Avoid high prices by paying…high prices? Charge a green vehicle with energy sourced from fossil-fuel burning plants? Drive a car whose rare earth minerals are hazardous and exploitative to children to mine?

Stupidity can’t explain this. It just can’t. These people are pure evil. Anyways, check out this tweet from a woman who goes by the name of Margo. It basically ruins the entire argument for buying an electric vehicle in less than 240 characters: