Kamala Harris Impersonators Are Hilarious [VIDEO]

Red State


Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent overseas trip to Europe was one cluster after another, and in all probability was designed to bolster her non-existent “foreign policy creds” in advance of 2028 (and possibly even 2024?) by giving her the opportunity to participate in some taxpayer-funded photo ops with world leaders while commencing in the confusing word salads and embarrassing cackling she’s become infamous for stateside (and now internationally).
Needless to say, this is not the “moment of Kamala Harris’ arrival” that CNN’s Chris Cillizza was thirsting for.

Thankfully, the disastrous trip is over but unfortunately, that means she’s back here in the United States further making a mockery of the office of the Vice President with the flubs and disjointed statements still freely flowing.

Though it’s depressing to think about the fact that we will have to endure roughly at least two and a half more years of this, one good thing to come out of the various KamalaSpeak debacles (and there have been MANY) is the rise of the Kamala Harris impersonators.